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Index   Page Last Updated: 16 Feb 2015

W.A.B. Contest Reminder

Entries for the W.A.B. 3.5 MHz Phone Contest should be with the Contest Manager by Sunday 5th April 2015.

Winter Activity Awards

Don't forget the W.A.B. Winter Activity Awards started on 1st December and run through to the end of February. See the Winter Awards page

Please Note: The Winter Points Award now has separate requirements for VHF



Welcome to the Worked All Britain web site. We hope you find the site useful and easy to use.

Please click on a heading to the left, or across the top, to proceed. Menu items ending '>>' will expand/contract when you click on them.

DEFINITION OF A WORKED ALL BRITAIN SQUARE: The W.A.B. Square is the 10Km small square and the Country, e.g. “SP87 England”, “NN90 Scotland” etc. (see Definitions page)


  • All official W.A.B. correspondence must go via the Honorary Secretary. For contact details, please see the Committee Page.
  • The published W.A.B. Net Frequencies do not 'belong' to W.A.B. - If a frequency is not in use, then anyone can use them.
  • QSL Cards are not required to claim any W.A.B. Awards. However, if a report on a QSO is received from an SWL by any means (e-mail, QSL Card, eQSL etc.), any Book Numbers they have may be claimed by the station receiving the report.
  • The W.A.B. Callsigns (G4WAB & G7WAB) are available for W.A.B. members to use (for a specified limited period of time), BUT YOU MUST CONTACT THE LICENCE HOLDER FOR PERMISSION FIRST to avoid clashes and illegal callsign use.
    Contact G7GJU to use G4WAB or G0AKH to use G7WAB


(The following has been collated from various comments received - good and bad. They are not aimed at any particular station(s), and will hopefully assist in easing the smooth running of nets)

  1. All nets are controlled by one station acting as Net Controller, who may occasionally appoint backup controllers. Note the one station as net controller. The system of appointing a backup has been shown to work to good effect. Chipping in to "Help" often does not.
  2. Only call into the net when the controller asks for check-ins. Unfortunately, experienced WABers sometimes call in during a run-down. This is not really a good example for the newcomer to follow. On very busy nets, check-ins should be asked for once. It is very frustrating if you are a mobile waiting to be picked up if check-ins are asked for three or four times for the previous mobile.
  3. Ensure that you are netted on to the net controller's frequency. This is very important at all times.
  4. Do not give your W.A.B. information when you work a mobile that is being run down the net. The mobile will want to move on to the next square as soon as possible.
  5. 5. Always repeat back the report given to you by the station you are working. This is a check that you have received your report correctly. Signal reports cannot be relayed but other information can. This applies to all W.A.B. activity. There have been occasions when this has not happened. It is more often than not the casual visitor or the newcomer to the net. It doesn't take lot to point this out tactfully and it only needs to be done once. Please don't guess at reports, it is not a valid QSO. Please do not ask the net controller if a report was correct, for example "Was that a 5 & 7?". You should QSL a report, the net controller will tell you whether you have it correct or not. If you are given a report back that is identical to the one you sent, for example "You are also 3 & 3" please do not reply, "QSL the also". This does not acknowledge the actual report, given.
  6. The report has no minimum acceptable value. However, signals can never be zero.
  7. Always make a list of stations in the net so you know which station to pass transmission to, after working the station that is being run down the net. This is very important for a good flowing run down. Once the run down is started, there should be no need for it to come back to net control, unless it's due to poor propagation between adjacent net members. This can sometimes be rectified by a slight re-ordering of the list.
  8. Do not take offence if the controller misses you out in error. Mistakes do happen and remember you could take over net control.
  9. Never break in while a mobile is being run down the net. The controller will ask for check-ins at the end of the list. See the comment point 2 above.
  10. Mobiles take preference over fixed stations, especially those that have given prior notice of the intended activity. Mobile stations often have a schedule and should not be delayed. Portable stations also take preference over fixed stations. There may be occasions where a portable station should take priority over a mobile due to their physical working conditions. Such circumstances may be due to weather, tides, battery power, limited time availability etc. Which station takes priority is the decision of the net controller, having given due consideration to the circumstances.
  11. Do not ask a mobile about the square. The net controller will give the square at the beginning and end of the list.
  12. Each net member is allowed two attempts at exchanging reports with the station being run down. If this proves unsuccessful, the station will be allowed a further attempt at the end of the list. It is quite important to stick to this on a busy net with several mobiles. Often a mobile has to get somewhere, sometimes for business, sometimes for pleasure. They don't want to wait around. The net controller may use their discretion to allow further attempts on a less busy net, if it is OK with the mobile. Please remember that the more attempts that are allowed, the more likely it is that the report will be obtained by chance.
  13. When there is a gap in mobile activity, the controller will pass down the list to allow members to make calls with other net members. Two calls are generally allowed. If you do not wish to make a call always give your W.A.B. information for the benefit of any S.W.L.s who may be listening.
  14. Never waste time with idle chat unless all the other net members have worked the stations they wish to call. This often happens at the start of a time-limited award. Everyone will want to work everyone else and this should take precedence over chat. There will be plenty of days to come when the net controller will be grateful for a bit of waffle to hold the frequency.
  15. Remember that above all W.A.B. is a hobby designed to give enjoyment to all. Be prepared to do a spell of net control, log for mobiles and use your local knowledge to navigate mobiles.

(See the W.A.B. Nets page for further details, and the Guidelines for W.A.B. Net Controllers)

The President's Trophy (for Single Operator Stations)

  • Winner: Graham Taylor G4JZF (32 points)
  • Second: G7AFM Phil Moses (26 points)
  • Third: G8XTJ John Fitzgerald (24 points)

The Keith Robson Memorial Trophy (for Club & Multi-Operator Stations)

  • Winner: G6LD Denby Dale ARS (64 points)
  • Second: G3FYQ Pontefract DARS (62 points)
  • Third: GX3VGG Bromsgrove DARC (36 points)

LF Contest Cumulative Trophy (for Fixed/Portable UK Single Operator Stations)

  • Winner: G0BKU Shaun Coles (20 points)
  • Runner Up: M0CHK Andy Balls (10 points)
  • Runner Up: G7AFM Phil Moses (10 points)

LF Contest Cumulative Trophy (for Mobile UK Stations)

  • Joint Winner: MM0VEG John Wilson (10 points)
  • Joint Winner: M0OVL Jon Hirst (10 points)
  • Runner Up: G0BPK Nigel Ferguson (8 points)

W.A.B. will be running two new awards just for the year 2015, as well as introducing a new permanent award.

  • The Coastal & Tidal 2015 Award is an updated version of the popular Coastal award that was run four years ago.
  • The VHF Challenge 2015 Award is a personal challenge for the year.
  • The Trig Points Award is a new permanent award based on Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars. NOTE: There has been a slight change in the wording of how close a station needs to be to the Trig pillar for a valid activation. See the Trig Points Award page for the details

The rare W.A.B. Square OV00 was activated on 30th July 2014 by a group from Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society. Here is a copy of the QSL Card:

We apologise for the high costs outside the UK, but our postal service has decided in its wisdom to classify a single certificate as a parcel! However a pdf version is available to anyone for only £1 or €2/$2. You may then print the certificate yourself. Payment for this method can only be accepted in Sterling coin or via PayPal. Non-UK coins cannot be accepted.
For the printed certificate we accept Sterling, Euro or US Dollar currency or a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank.

W.A.B. ran a special award during the period that the Commonwealth Games took place in Scotland in 2014. See the Commonwealth Games Award page for details. The money raised was donated to ARCOS, a charity that assists people who have difficulty with communication or swallowing (see below for picture of cheque presentation)

W.A.B. are pleased to announce to that we will be making the following donations - a grand total of 3000 this year:

  • 500 to R.A.I.B.C.
  • 500 to a charity of our Auditor's choice
  • 500 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
  • 500 to R.N.L.I.
  • 500 to U.K. Civil Air Patrol
  • 500 to Shelterbox

Phil Moses G7AFM presents the donation cheque to ARCOS
Phil Moses G7AFM presents the donation cheque to ARCOS, from the money raised by the W.A.B. Commonwealth Games Award
Letter of thanks from ARCOS for the donation

Loraine M3GUE & her mum present the cheque at R.N.L.I. HQ, Poole
Loraine M3GUE & her mum (both centre, in pink) present the cheque at R.N.L.I. HQ, Poole
R.N.L.I. presentation certificate

Geoff G7GJU presents donation to Tony Cowan of the U.K. Civil Air Patrol
Geoff G7GJU presents the cheque to Tony Cowan of the U.K. Civil Air Patrol
Thank you letter received from Sky Watch for donation

Letter of thanks from the U.K. Civil Air Patrol

Quadcopter UAV
A quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle like this will be purchased with the W.A.B. donation

14 year old Clifford Warburton M6LKB (book number 18667) has been selected to be part of the UK contingent to attend the Scout World Jamboree in Japan in 2015. He is also a member of Radio Scouting and is training to be a leader in the Scout Association. A lot of W.A.B.ers will have worked him (and his grandfather David G6LKB) and is seeking sponsorship for this event to the tune of 3300.

W.A.B. have produced special Log Books, with columns for recording the W.A.B. Square of stations. There is an A4 sized home station version, and a new small Mobile version. For details, see the Log Books page.

Due to county boundaries no longer being shown on Ordnance Survey 1:50000 maps, and varying definitions of what constitutes a 'county' since Government administrative boundary changes some years ago, the W.A.B. Counties Award is no longer considered a practicable proposition.

From the start of 2013, Timed/Annual Awards may only be claimed up to a maximum of 6 months after the end of the qualifying period. For example, the 2013 Decade Award can be claimed until the end of June 2014. This applies to TIMED AWARDS ONLY.
To progress from one award level to another for an Annual Award (e.g. from Bronze to Silver for the Decade Award), each subsequent claim must be for the same band as the first. Claims for a different band will be annotated as Basic level. If a year is missed, the level will return to Basic.

Don't forget that if you would like to join the Committee, please complete a Committee Nomination form (download from the link at the bottom of the Committee page).

A PayPal "donate" button has been added to each page of the web site. This was not the original intention of it, but it's very suitable to use in claiming awards without leaving home.
Firstly - email your claim to the Awards Manager (see Committee page), secondly - hit the "Donate" button and submit the amount relevant to your claim.

Chris G8PUT has released a new version of his Logbook Program which will allow record keeping for W.A.B. Awards. More details can be seen on his web site, along with a download facility.
See the G8PUT Logbook Program page for details.


W.A.B. have produced enamel badges with the W.A.B. round logo in either Dark Blue or Magenta. See the Price List for your location.
(Please Note: Due to the reflective nature of the badges, they are difficult to photograph to get a true representation)

W.A.B. have two designs of QSL Cards printed for sale. For details, see the QSL Cards page.

W.A.B. Logo

G3ABG QSL Card to G3JAS 6 June 1970

G3ABG QSL Card to G3JAS 6 June 1970

Another G3ABG QSL Card

Another G3ABG QSL Card

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