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W.A.B. Club Callsigns   Page Last Updated: 16 Feb 2024

The W.A.B. Callsigns (G4WAB, G7WAB & G3ABG) are available for W.A.B. members to use (for a specified limited period of time), but there are some conditions to which you have to comply:

  • YOU MUST CONTACT THE LICENCE HOLDER FOR PERMISSION FIRST to avoid clashes and illegal callsign use.
  • Due to licence conditions, only full licence holders may use the club callsigns and they will not be available for use on 5MHz.
  • Contact G0AKH to use any of the three callsigns.
  • At the end of a period of operating a W.A.B. Club callsign, a copy of the station log must be sent to in ADIF format for uploading to eQSL and replying to Bureau cards. Include your operating square (usually home square) as well.
  • Please send logs within a week of completion of operating as eQSLs come in immediately following a contact.
  • Whilst logging is no longer a UK licence requirement, W.A.B. require logs to verify incoming QSLs.
  • If you are not equipped to provide ADIF format logging files, please download an Excel log template from the link below, complete it and send to
  • Paper Logs CANNOT be accepted.

  • Excel log template for W.A.B. Club Callsign usage (Updated 16 February 2024 - please DO NOT use a previous version)

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