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W.A.B. Squares Award   Page Last Updated: 30 Mar 2018

W.A.B. Squares Award certificate

This is the 'Flagship' W.A.B. Award. Since its inception W.A.B. has been traditionally based on a 10km x 10km grid square system, coupled with one of the Local Government Administrative regions. However, persistant changes to Local Government names, boundaries & types of authorities impacted on W.A.B. This was found to be both disruptive and very confusing. To coincide with our Ruby Anniversary year, it was decided to move to an award based on 10km x 10km grid squares and country boundaries. These would not be affected by local government changes.

There are seven classes of the Award: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond, with an Honour Roll for those who have passed the requirements for the Diamond Award. Each can be claimed when the requirement is reached. The higher stages of the Award involve attaining requirements relating to other elements of W.A.B. The requirements are shown below. All contacts for this Award must have been made on or after 1st January 2009.

Trophies attained relating to this award will be presented at the W.A.B. A.G.M. following their achievement.

BasicSquaresIslandsUK CountriesBook Holders*
UK HF300   
UK VHF/Europe HF/ Data Modes150   
Outside EU/EU VHF75   

BronzeSquaresIslandsUK CountriesBook Holders*
UK HF6005Any 5 of the 7 UK Countries^50
UK VHF/Europe HF/ Data Modes3002Any 3 of the 7 UK Countries^25
Outside EU/EU VHF1501Any 2 of the 7 UK Countries^10

SilverSquaresIslandsUK CountriesBook Holders*
UK HF90010Any 6 of the 7 UK Countries^100
UK VHF/Europe HF/ Data Modes4505Any 4 of the 7 UK Countries^50
Outside EU/EU VHF2253Any 3 of the 7 UK Countries^25

GoldSquaresIslandsUK CountriesBook Holders*
UK HF120015All 7 UK Countries^125
UK VHF/Europe HF/ Data Modes6008Any 5 of the 7 UK Countries^65
Outside EU/EU VHF3005Any 4 of the 7 UK Countries^30

PlatinumSquaresIslandsUK CountriesBook Holders*
UK HF150020All 7 UK Countries^150
UK VHF/Europe HF/ Data Modes75010Any 6 of the 7 UK Countries^75
Outside EU/EU VHF3757Any 5 of the 7 UK Countries^35

SapphireSquaresIslandsUK CountriesBook Holders*
UK HF180025All 7 UK Countries^175
UK VHF/Europe HF/ Data Modes90012All 7 UK Countries^85
Outside EU/EU VHF45010Any 6 of the 7 UK Countries^40

^ see below regarding country prefixes
* Individual Book Holders, not Book Numbers.

G includes the prefixes G*, M*, 2E* & GX*GD includes the prefixes GD*, MD*, 2D* & GT*
GJ includes the prefixes GJ*, MJ*, 2J* & GH*GI includes the prefixes GI*, MI*, 2I* & GN*
GM includes the prefixes GM*, MM*, 2M* & GS*GU includes the prefixes GU*, MU*, 2U* & GP*
GW includes the prefixes GW*, MW*, 2W* and GC* 
The prefix GB* is a Special Event Station callsign allocated for use in any of the above

W.A.B. Squares Diamond Award

W.A.B. Squares Honour Roll

Claim Form (ZIP)

Tracker Spreadsheet UK HF (ZIP)

Tracker Spreadsheet UK VHF/Europe HF (ZIP)

Tracker Spreadsheet Outside Europe HF/Europe VHF (ZIP)

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