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Special Event Stations Award   Page Last Updated: 03 Mar 2014

W.A.B. Special Event Stations Award certificate

The intention of this award, apart from that of giving members something to aim for, is to raise awareness of W.A.B. amongst those who activate special event stations.

This award will run from 1st January until 31st December each year, commencing 2007.

In common with all W.A.B. awards, this is open to SWLs also.

The W.A.B. Square of the Special Event Station should be ascertained during the contact with them.

Certificates may be endorsed for any band/mode.

A station may only be claimed once during each 12 month period for any particular endorsement.

A certificate will be awarded for working/hearing 20 stations, with endorsements for each subsequent 20. On working/hearing 200 stations, a further certificate will be awarded.

A claim sheet is available for this award, but if using your own or any logging program, the W.A.B. Square of the station should be recorded.

The usual cost of W.A.B. awards applies - click on the Price List link for your location in the side menu.


  • A "Special Event Callsign" shall be deemed to be one issued by OFCOM to mark a particular event or occasion, outside the routinely issued range of callsigns.
  • Only these callsigns will be valid for the award, which will normally contain in the prefix either a letter "B", or a number greater than 9.
  • These shall not include "carte blanche" amendments to already allocated individual or club callsigns for major events, for example the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, nor the use of the alternative regional identifier, e.g. GX, permitted for use by clubs within the terms of their existing licence.
  • Permanent exhibition stations, such as GB2RN, whilst not established for a specific event, will be valid for this award.
  • G?100RSGB format callsigns will be claimable for the award in each of the 7 G countries - just once only for each country, irrespective of the square.
  • ANY callsign should appear once only in a claim.

Kevin Jackson M0XLT with his 100 Special Event Stations certificate

Kevin Jackson M0XLT with his 100 Special Event Stations certificate for 2007. It was later endorsed for 120 GB calls.

Claim Form (ZIP)

Special Event Stations Awards Issued

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