Pre AGM Chinese Buffet

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Pre AGM Chinese Buffet

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Hi everyone

RE Chinese supper WAB AGM eve
This will take place on Saturday 31st May 2014
Location is Beijing Palace
Main Road (A17)
PE12 0BW
Tel no 01406 363633

Start Time 19.30 local time !

The meal is a sit down buffet, for those of you not used to Chinese buffet dining, this involves selecting a couple of items from the menu, eating them and ordering some more, There is no limit to the number of times you order. The price is £17.99 Per Person, drinks are extra.
For fun, I might make the use of chop sticks mandatory !!!!!!

I have booked 10 places so far and the booked/confirmed guests are
M0OVL + 1
ON2WAB + 1
G0FVH + 1
G0GMY + 1

I need to know if there are any more people wishing to attend and I hope there will be.
The latest will be Friday Evening 30th May so that the seating can be sorted out. However I have put the telephone number of the restaurant by the address for any real late deciders to ring them directly, it is booked in the name of Hirst, and or the radio meal
Its quite a big place so the more the merrier

Jon m0ovl
de M0OVL Jon
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Re: Pre AGM Chinese Buffet

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Hi Jon,

Please add G0AKH to the list

See you on Saturday.

73, Kev
Kev, G0AKH
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