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AGM 2022

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2022 9:41 am
by Paul.m1aib
AGM22 Advance Notice

It is intended that for 2022 we return to the usual “Full” WAB AGM, and to hold it at a date later in the year, at a venue TBA.

Consideration is being given to keeping the location relatively central, and if possible alongside another event which may attract members and make the travel of double benefit.

Options for consideration so far are -

A. Weekend of 8th / 9th October, at RSGB Convention. (Subject to suitable arrangements being possible with Kents Hill / RSGB).

B. Friday / Saturday 14th / 15th October at HAMFEST, Newark Showground. (As above, currently subject to whether suitable arrangement can be made with the Showground / show organisers)

We would be interested in hearing your opinions or ideas for potential alternative AGM arrangements. If anyone has further suggestions for dates or venues that they feel would suit our purposes, please let us know.

Note that all for all options, regardless of that ultimately chosen by committee, we need to be sure provisional arrangements can be confirmed ideally in time for the calling notice, date and venue to be announced in the next Newsletter.