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Pre AGM Bash

Postby m0ovl » Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:05 pm

Good evening all
It has been a very long time since I have ventured onto the hallowed pages of WAB or with anything to do with radio.
I have noted the change from Spalding to somewhere up north. Also noted was an earlier post about the saturday night feast of which I have very good memories from Spalding.
What if anything has been deceided for this year, is it all booked up and what got chosen, a posh bash or our usual pub grub.
June and I hopefully join the merry band of motorhome owners in a few weeks time so now the idea of getting inebriated and being able to kip on the pub carpark become a reality, ( much better that curling up in a bus stop).
Current activity is stripping an old renault trafic camper of radio equipment and checking mouse damage.
Come the AGM, I will be in the final 3 weeks in the run down to escaping the rat race and a lifetime in transport, just to replace a few double glazed units with my son as and when I need some beer tokens. So I am likely to be in a fairly chilled mood, That makes a serious change from the past 25 years. Peter & Dona- we certainly hope you will be making the trip. much water has passed under the bridge since we last got together.
I will brush down the radio and check I still have a valid licence !!! and might even be heard on air again.
So I look forward to any replies either on here of to my e mail still have to find out if still works !

73 ( wow i still remember the lingo)
de Jon M0OVL + June ( Beer token monitor)
de M0OVL Jon
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Re: Pre AGM Bash

Postby G0FEX » Wed May 08, 2019 12:30 pm

Hi Jon
Only just spotted your post on the forum, yes Peter & Dona will be at the AGM, I have just had the menu for the evening bash, it is very similar to the Spalding cafe, a little bit posher but food prices are around the same.
Some have mentioned (Posh Frocks & Ties) not so you wear what you want , I know there will be quite a lot attending this AGM than we have had in the past, perhaps with it being the 50th anniversary.
I hope the old camper van is coming along, and it would be good to hear you on the radio again, it has been a long time.
Regards Ken G0FEX
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