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returning to the fold

Postby m0ovl » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:59 pm

good evening one and all
I hope everyone is coping in the new existence we all find our selves. A chinese take away will never look the same to me again.
Finally after several years of trying I have escaped from my life in transport, and trying to take things just a little bit slower. I have been off air for several years and while I still have my faithful FT817 and linear, I have splashed out a little and have an FT450 at home( turned on for the first time today) and just in the process of fitting an FT897 into our motorhome. Antennas remain a bit of an issue having a postage stamp garden, but very much a work in progress during this enforced pub avoidance regulation. Maybe now, i will get something done!
I look forward to joining nets over the coming weeks and hopefully offering some mobile activity in my self contained mobile accomodation. With time I hope to have quite a good /P operation, already have a 3KW 4 stroke genny so hopefully lowish noise.Next job is a little metal work to create a tilt over base plate for rapid antenna deployment
I have permission from the management to venture forth to have some radio fun, A permit, I am not going to let go to waste.
To everyone, take care of your health and I look forward to making new friends and renewing old aquaintances very soon
73 Jon
de M0OVL Jon
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Re: returning to the fold

Postby G7afm » Fri Apr 10, 2020 4:00 pm

Hi Jon only just seen the message it will be a pleasure to welcome you back into the fold (so to speak) hope all is well with you.
Band condx are a bit fickle at the moment 80m nets are running most evenings from about 19.30ish on 3760
also most mornings from about 10.00am also on 3760 as 40m is a dead loss at the moment.

Hope to hear you soon

All the best
Phil G7AFM. :)
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