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Pre- AGM Bash

Postby MI1AIB » Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:24 pm

OK Folks, as many know we usually hold a pre AGM bash the Saturday Night before the AGM. As next AGM will be our 50th, some have suggested something a little more special, others are happy enough to go with standard pub type fayre.
So, we are putting it out there for the members to choose, and these are the options and approximate costs.

Meal –
Option 1
Eastwood Hall, average per head for a 3 course meal from their standard menu £30, no private rooms left, but they can comfortably accommodate our group in the main restaurant area. No dress code, most of us usually just smart casual.
Option 2
Brewers Fayre, Average per head for a 2 course meal from their standard menu £18 - £20, They can accommodate our group BUT on tables in groups of 4, 6 and 8 in one area. However, as they do not usually take weekend booking above 12 persons per group, they suggest that we aim for an 8pm meal time, (rather than 6.30 to 7 we usually eat), otherwise main courses could be 45 -50 minutes coming to the table!! No Dress code, as option 1.
Accommodation - We are suggesting you make your own arrangements for accommodation, some are already booked at Eastwood, some at Premier Inn, beside Brewers Fayre, to give an idea of cost, at the time of writing a double room at Eastwood is £52 for the Saturday inc. breakfast, Premier in is £42, breakfast (for 2) £19,95 extra. Whichever the majority choice is for the meal, some of us will just have to travel !!

Note the Eastwood Hall best rate quoted may have been skewed by my being a regular user, £58 seems the normal rate, but ONLY by booking through

Please either enter your choice in the above poll, on the Facebook Group Poll I have created, or message or mail me directly, with your choice. Majority decision by the END OF JANUARY 2019 wins the day ;)
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