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Having began POTA activations this year it has rekindled my interest in WAB Chasing again as I was never seriously into it before. So as a newbie I have a few questions.

1. For the basic award Is there a cut of date for WAB sq claims ? I have seen 1 Jan 2009 on the WAB website.
What about contacts I have made before that date?

2. I see people have more than one book, what’s the purpose of this ? Is this for mode / band / both ? I have always just had the one book 5048 up to now.

3. Other than trying to get a WAB reference during a QSO or from a QSL confirmation, are there other proper means of getting the WAB square.
QRZ could be used but then people move house and may not be an ideal way of getting the true location I guess certainly not for QSO’s way in the past unless backed up with a QSL card. I guess QRZ can only be used as an aid to the log the square as soon as possible after the QSO.

Ivan G0BON
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