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lighthouse weekend list.

Postby G1PIE » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:53 am

NZ38 GB5LV Light Vessel LV50 UK0214
NZ45 GB2RL A-2681 Roker Light UK0099
NZ53 GB0HLH A-2663 Hartlepool Lighthouse (The Heugh) UK0188
SD45 GB5PSL A-4875 Plover Scar Lighthouse UK0018
SE82 GB4WL A-2571.9 Whitgift Lighthouse UK0113
SJ28 GB2BHL A-4993 Bidston Hill UK0180
SJ29 GB4LL A-5109 Leasowe Lighthouse UK0014
ST57 GB0CCC A-2440 Former Trinity Light Vessel "John Sebastian" UK0176
SY66 GB1PBL A-0294 Portland Bill UK0073
SZ39 GB5HCL A-0538 Hurst Point Low (Hurst Castle ) UK0012
SZ48 GB0BMB Beaulieu Millennium Beacon UK0002
TA32 GB2WLH A-2574 Withernsea Lighthouse UK0013
TA41 GB2SL A-2424 & A-2425 Spurn Point High and Low UK0080-81
TF64 GB2HLH A- 2345 Hunstanton Lighthouse UK0011
TG24 GB4CL A-2342 Cromer Lighthouse UK0076
TG33 GB0HL A-2336 Happisburgh Lighthouse UK0007
TL41 GB2TCL A-2506 & A-2508 Thorngumbald High and Low lights UK0149-150
TM22 GB6NT A-2194 Naze Tower at Walton on the Naze UK0212
TM23 GB4HLH A-2205.1 & A-2205 Harwich Low and High Lights UK0074-009
TR01 GB1DLH A-0876 (BOTH) Dungeness Light House UK0059-60
TR36 GB0NFL A-0966 North Foreland Lighthouse UK0128
TQ20 GB8SL A-0814.1 Shoreham Lighthouse UK0023
TQ38 GBTBW A-2050 Trinity Buoy Wharf UK0030
TQ38 GB0TBW LightShip 95 (LV95) UK0209
TQ40 GB0NL A-0830 Newhaven Lighthouse UK0190
TQ48 G4CW A-2144 Cross Ness UK0095
TV59 M3DPQ A-0840 Beachy Head UK0104

HP61 GB2MUC A-3832 Muckle Flugga UK0219
HU27 GB2ELH A-3838 Eshaness Light House UK0058
NH75 GM4NFI A-3440 Chanonry / Cananaich UK0196
NH98 GB2TNL A-3506 Tarbat Ness Lighthouse UK0151
NJ27 GB2CVL A-3414 Covsea Vintage Lighthouse (Skerries) UK0204
NM46 GB2AL A-4082 Ardnamurchan Lighthouse UK0017
NO42 2M0KAU A-3142& A-3141 Tayport High and Low UK0215-216
NO53 2M0GVB A- 3126 & A-3216.1 Buddon Ness High and Low UK0207-208
NO87 GB2THL A-3234 Tod Head Lighthouse UK0218
NS24 MM0IMC A-4308 Ardrossan Lighthouse UK0089
NS37 2M0ROT A-4478 Port of Glasgow UK0200
NT49 GM4GRC A-3050 Elie Ness UK0155
NT77 GB2LBN A-2854 Barns Ness UK0034
NT96 2M0HPI A-2846 St Abbs Head Lighthouse UK0220
NX13 GB2LG A-4610 Mull of Galloway. UK0086
NX95 GB1SLH A-4653 Southerness Lighthouse UK0042
NY75 GB1OL A-3722 North Ronaldsay New & Old UK0082-83

SH32 GC0OBS A-5238 Saint Tudwals Lighthouse UK0165
SH49 GB0PLL A-5160 Point Lynas Lighthouse UK0222
SH68 GB2TD A-5140 PUFFIN IS Penmon Point (Trwyn Ddu) UK0047
SJ18 GW4WXM A-5122 Talacre, Point of Air UK0205
SM80 GW2LSA A-5284 St Ann's Head UK0052
SM84 GW2LSH A-2274 Strumble Head UK0049
SS49 GB1BPL A-5256 Burry Port Harbour Lighthouse UK0044
SS87 MW1MWD A-5482 Porthcawl UK0221
ST38 GB4EUL A-5454 East Usk Lighthouse. UK0159

Northern Ireland
D14 MN0GKL A-6060 Rue Point UK0185
D05 MN0GKL A-6064 Rathlin West UK0217
D15 MN0GKL A-6066 & 6066.1 Rathlin Upper & Lower UK0055-56
J49 GB5BL A-6028 Blackhead Lighthouse UK0032
J53 MN0NID A-5958 St John UK0087
Ireland WAI squares
B61 EJ0L Arranmore Island Lighthouse IE0017
F61 EI7MRE Blacksod Lighthouse IE0008
Q64 EI0LHL Loop Head Lighthouse IE0009
V47 EI1K Cromwell Point Lighthouse IE0001
W64 EI1E Charles Fort Lighthouse IE0020
X79 EI2WRC Hook Lighthouse IE0003

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