Mobile Activity Saturday 29th May 2021 M0BKV

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Mobile Activity Saturday 29th May 2021 M0BKV

Postby DamianM0BKV » Fri May 28, 2021 12:56 pm

Tomorrow, Saturday 29th May, M0BKV/m will be leaving North Cornwall about 9 to 9.30LT and travelling South/South West. Activating cornish squares.
Route will be SX28, 27,17,07,16,06,05(c), SW95,94,84,74. Turning and heading up the North Coast, SW75(c), 85, 86(c), 96, 97(c), 98(c), SX08, 18, 19. [(c) means it's a coastal square].
The start will be on 3.760Mhz +/-5 or so. at 9.30 AM LT.
Later, if possible, move to 7.160Mhz +/-.
Damian M0BKV
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