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Travel plans

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Hi all,

Firstly, thank you to Admin for allowing me onto the forum.

I will be travelling to England on the 17th March for 1 weeks vacation.
I will arrive in Folkestone and then travel up to Norfolk.
I should arrive around 5pm.

I would like, if requested, to put on a few squares, whilst mobile (not stopping), on my journey.
The route will be predominantly motorway and A road up to Thetford (TL88).

Will a net still be running after 5pm?
Will it be on 40 or 80?
Does anyone want activity at that time?
Would someone (prob net control) be will to assist square marking as I am not too sure I can get support from SWMBO.

Chances are, there maybe other squares during the week, if we should happen to travel a little.

Let me know what you think.
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Re: Travel plans

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you would be better of joining & posting here intended activity this forum does not attract much traffic
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