South Kintyre - 22&23 October 2022. Davaar Island and Mull o

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South Kintyre - 22&23 October 2022. Davaar Island and Mull o

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We intend to be in the south Kintyre area of Argyll over the weekend 22&23 October 2022.

On Saturday 22 October 2022, I'm hoping to be able to be active from the Trig Point (TP4120) on Davaar Island in NR72. Access to the Island is via a causeway with low tide being at 1630 hrs (local).

It is my plan to cross the causeway at the earliest possible opportunity. I have installed APRSdroid (GM6ZAK-7) on my phone. I will test the beacon when we take a break in Inveraray.

I will beacon when I arrive in the car park and as I progress towards the Trig Point. Progress can be viewed at I expect the transit and set up time to be about 60 minutes. Hopefully this will negate chasers having to sit waiting with no idea what is going on.

I will be operating QRP on 7.160mhz +/- and 14.265mhz +/- on 2 and 4m for local chasers (GI & west of GM), in that order. If I'm not able to use 7.160mhz I will add the frequency to the APRS message.

The forecast at present is variable so this adventure is weather dependant but I will try my very best to make it happen; I have a large umbrella.

My intention to try an activation from the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse (A4272) in NR50 on Sunday 23 October 2022 QRP on 7.160mhz +/- and 14.265mhz +/-. I will try on 2 and 4m but being at sea level I expect reply’s will be few and far between. (GI stations perhaps?). I will again make use of APRS. I will beacon as I leave the hotel, again when I reach the car park and when I’m active from the Lighthouse. I will, on request, activate NR60 (the car park) if someone desperately needs it but this may not be possible due to power levels available on the battery pack.

APRSdroid has a messaging facility which I have not tested. If you need to contact me this may be an interesting experiment if you have an APRS facility.
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