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The W.A.B. Programme   Page Last Updated: 16 Mar 2011

A Special Word For Those Just Starting W.A.B.

As you read through this web site, you may feel a bit daunted by all that W.A.B. has to offer. This is because we offer a comprehensive & diverse Awards Scheme that the individual can tailor to suit their own requirements.

Please don’t be put off by this. Take a bit of time to read the requirements for the Awards. We have introduced a two-tier system to help you get started. The Suggested Introductory Awards for Newcomers are ideal to get you started: the W.A.B. Squares Award, as this is the “bread and butter” Award of our scheme, along with the Decade Award, which runs each calendar year, and the Book Numbers Award. Once you become comfortable with these, you can start collecting for any of the Additional Available Awards for Advanced Collectors section, although there is nothing to stop you collecting for all or any of the Awards from the day you start.

As you get used to the way W.A.B. works, you will soon find that you evolve a method of recording information that suits you, and that you can encompass more of the scheme. For this reason we would advise that you log full W.A.B. details of your contacts, even if at the outset you are not claiming those particular Awards. You will find it so much easier when you come to trawl back through your log for another certificate.

Happy W.A.B.-ing.


Each of the Awards that have hyperlinks to individual claim files has the requirements printed either in the Requirements file or the Claim Sheet file. Information on any new awards will be published in the W.A.B. Newsletter, available on subscription, and here on the web site. They will also be available from the Secretary, Membership Secretary and Awards Manager. See Committee Page.

Awards can be endorsed for any band or mode, mixed bands or any other individual requirement.

QSL cards are not required for any W.A.B. Awards. However, upon receipt of a QSL card or any other confirmation of a report from a Short Wave Listener, the licensed station may claim that SWL’s Book Number(s). This does not apply to the W.A.B. Square (or Island etc. if appropriate) of the SWL.

Contacts via repeaters of any kind do not count. Awards are issued to the person or club. The person or club can use any legal callsign. Contacts made from club stations or special event stations count to the credit of both the club and the operator.

All W.A.B. Awards are also available to Short Wave Listeners as Heard All Britain Awards (H.A.B.). Requirements for H.A.B. are normally the same as for W.A.B. However, requirements for H.A.B. are shown if they are not the same as the requirements for W.A.B.

With the exception of the WABEMA Award, which is specifically for mobile/portable activity only, awards can be claimed as Activated as well as Worked.

Valid from Dates:
All contacts from 1st May 1974 count towards some of these awards. Some awards have a newer start date from which all contacts must be made. Unless otherwise stated contacts made to claim W.A.B. Squares must have been made after the date from which the square was valid. These dates are shown, in each claim file.

Contacts made to claim Book Numbers can be from 1st January 1970 but must be on, or after, the date the Book Number being claimed was issued. The Book Numbers CD (and the Book Issue Dates section of this web site) gives a guide to the issue dates of Book Numbers.

Claims should be made using a print out of the file provided, or on a saved file on disc (or e-mailed to the Awards Manager). Printouts will not be returned unless requested. Claims for higher classes of awards must include all previously accepted contacts. They must clearly be shown as previously accepted.

Several computer databases exist specifically designed for W.A.B. and in some cases it may be possible to send your claims from these on disc if the Awards Manager has the appropriate program. Please check with the Awards Manager before sending information on disc from these databases, as it may not always be possible to accept data sent in this manner.

Appropriate fees should be enclosed with each claim. Click on the Price List link for your location in the side menu. For e-mail claims, the approriate fee can be sent using the Donate button on the left hand menu on each page.

Details of individual Awards

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