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Navigational Aid To Shipping Award   Page Last Updated: 04 Jan 2015


W.A.B. Navigational Aid To Shipping Award certificate

This award is being administered by W.A.B. and is based on an original idea by Bill Bowditch G4WSB.

The following rules will apply: -

  • To be valid for the award, a Navigational Aid must be named in the Admiralty List of Lights and be a land-based, fixed lighthouse or harbour light. Lightships will be acceptable ONLY if tied up in harbour or in dry dock. Lights that are now Historic or are now non operational that are on the claim form may also be claimed & subject to the Award Managers approval.

  • We require that the station must be at or adjacent to the light. Adjacent means next to, or as close as possible on the land adjoining the boundaries of the light.

  • The W.A.B. Square activated shall be that in which the station is established. Subject to paragraph (2) above, this may not be the same square as the light.

  • The start date shall be 1st January 2004.

  • Claims should be submitted to the Awards Manager in country order and alphabetical order by the name of the Aid. They should include date of the contact, W.A.B. Square and station worked. Details should be included of band and mode for any endorsement that is required.

  • Certificates will be issued for each 25 worked/heard on HF and each 10 on VHF/UHF. The normal certificate price applies. For subsequent claims, previous claims must be included.

  • The Award shall apply to The British Isles with the exception of the Republic of Ireland.

Irvine Leading lights A4548 (on green pole) and A4548.1 (on mast next to footbridge). NS33 Scotland. Picture courtesy of Andrew MM6GTJ

Irvine Leading light A4548 (on green pole). NS33 Scotland. Picture courtesy of Andrew MM6GTJ

Irvine Entrance light A4546. NS23 Scotland. Picture courtesy of Andrew MM6GTJ

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