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Simple Guide to Claiming (Post-18000 Series Books)   Page Last Updated: 16 Mar 2011

Welcome to The Worked All Britain Awards Scheme. This guide is designed to help you fill in the claim sheets so that you can collect the many certificates offered by W.A.B.

Firstly, a few tips.

  1. Rule a few extra lines in the comments section of your log book for SQUARE & BOOK NUMBERS and enter this information directly into your log book at time of contact.
  2. Remember that many people hold more than one book number and if they do not give them all to you at the time of contact, they can be obtained using the Alpha Numeric Bookholders List that is on the CD included in the W.A.B. Book/CD Pack, or one of the several computer programs readily available. The number required for the first Book Numbers certificate is 100 and there are many people that hold more than this number of books, so by working/hearing them, you can already claim your first W.A.B. award!
  3. Listen carefully to the net controller if you are on a net and they will give out the details of the W.A.B. Square including whether it is an Island. The net controller will give the details several times during the contact but if you miss the information there is the opportunity to catch up during the quieter periods when up to two calls to others on the net or just getting information is allowed.
  4. You do not need to be on a net to collect W.A.B. and you may claim Squares, Book Numbers etc worked prior to becoming a member, but please check on the claim sheets as to the date of validity for the awards. You do NOT need to send QSL cards when you claim the awards.
  5. Fill in your claim sheets regularly so that it does not become a chore and claim as soon as you get the requirements for each award to spread the cost and ease the workload of the Awards Manager, remembering that all W.A.B. officers are voluntary.
  6. You can collect the awards exactly how you want. Some people have several books - one for 2m, another for 40m, yet another for CW. Others collect on mixed bands or modes. How you choose to collect is entirely up to you, but please make sure that when you claim you make it plain what you would like to have put on your certificates - e.g. 'Mixed band CW' or '2m FM'.
  7. If you are a Short Wave Listener you can collect the W.A.B. awards in exactly the same way, listing who worked whom.
  8. If you are a mobile station - again, you collect the awards in the same way, but by activating the requirements. As a thank you for your time and effort we do not require payment for the awards. The award designed specifically for activating areas is called WABEMA , but all the other awards may be endorsed as 'activated'.
  9. The requirements for each award are printed in the first few pages of the W.A.B. book, as well as on the claim sheets.
  10. BE METHODICAL! Try to complete your book at the end of each day on the radio, and keep to a system.

Entering the Data onto your Claim Sheets

Suppose that you contact G0NLX in SP90 England. At the time of writing, she has 11 Book Numbers. When you come to filling in the claim sheets you put the call sign and the date contacted in the following sections:-


On the Large Squares claim sheet

SP90 England (G)

On the W.A.B. Squares Award check sheet

G0NLX's Book numbers

In the Book Holders file downloaded from the Book Number/N.A.T.S. Award CD

Now supposing that G0NLX/m is on holiday on the Isle of Wight, and you work her in SZ48. You can claim the area given exactly as described above, but you can also claim the Isle Of Wight which will go onto the Island Award claim sheet.

If G0NLX is on her holidays in France, you can claim her there as an Overseas Book Holder (you will see the appropriate claim sheet in your pack or on the CD) but if she goes to another country she cannot be claimed again as it is the call sign you are after not the country. However, all countries she operates from are valid for the DX Award.

The requirements for VHF, HF etc are different but they are printed in the beginning of your book, as are further details on the appropriate claim sheet.

If you are still a little confused as to the requirements, read the section in the book again carefully, but if you still have a problem, speak to someone on a W.A.B. rally stand or contact one of the Committee.

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