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Going For Gold Award   Page Last Updated: 13 Mar 2019

Please Note: The Going For Gold Award has now finished. Please ensure your claims are with the Awards Manager as soon as possible.

W.A.B. Going For Gold Award certificate

The introduction of this award has been prompted by several factors:

  • The decline in general activity due to the poor propogation at this point of the sunspot cycle
  • The need to encourage members to maintain a regular on the air presence, even if no special activity is planned
  • To raise awareness of W.A.B.'s 50th Anniversary in 2019

It was therefore decided to introduce an award for which members can get credit by working squares on a daily basis.

The award will run for an 18 month period from 1st July 2017 to 31st December 2018.

The award is points system based, and for this award ONLY, a square may be worked again on a daily basis for credit.

An Excel Tracker spreadsheet has been produced, which can be downloaded from the link below. Full instructions are included in the Tracker, but in essence the tabs have user defined band/mode endorsements and columns for dates. Thus, whilst the logging may at first glance seem a chore, all that is required for each contact is simply entering the callsign in a single cell. All totalling is done automatically for you.


 CertificateEndorsementTrophy & New Certificate
UK HF250each 250each 2500
EU HF100each 100each 1000

The award is available to SWLs on a 'Heard' basis.

To claim a square as activated by yourself for this award, the activation must take place at a place other than your station's normal fixed location.

Trophies will be presented at the W.A.B. A.G.M. and claims for such must reach the Awards Manager by the end of February preceding the A.G.M.

Tracker Spreadsheet (ZIP)
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