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Expedition QSL Cards   Page Last Updated: 03 Jul 2015

Although QSL cards are not required for any W.A.B. Awards, some DXpeditions that have been put on to help raise awareness of W.A.B. have had special colourful QSL cards printed. If you have been involved in a DXpedition and would like your card featured, please send a good quality scan of the front (and preferably the back) of your card to the Internet Co-ordinator. (See the Committee page).

Here are some examples:

Ramsey Island QSL Card front

The Strumble Head DX & Contest Group activated Ramsey Island off the coast of Wales.

Ramsey Island QSL Card rear

Alderney QSL Card front

This one was used by the PMT DX Group.

Alderney QSL Card rear

This is an unusual folding design used by MJ0DOL/P whilst activating Castles & Stately Homes On The Air 2006 Jersey QSL Card front

Jersey QSL Card rear

G1VDP/P QSL Card front

This card is used by Chris G1VDP when operating Portable from Cornish Lighthouses

G1VDP/P QSL Card rear

GB0SK QSL Card front

This card was used by the Grantham ARC's GB0SK expedition from St Kilda

GB0SK QSL Card rear

MS0SCG/P QSL Card front

This card was used by the Sands Contest Group from the Isle Of Mull

MS0SCG/P QSL Card rear

GB1SSL QSL Card front

This view of South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey appears on this card from GB1SSL

GB1SSL QSL Card rear

M3ZYZ QSL Card front

M3ZYZ's card shows the Flamborough Head Lighthouse

M3ZYZ QSL Card rear

GS0GRC/P and GS7GRC/P QSL Card front

Grantham ARCs 2007 expedition to the Shiant Isles sent this QSL card, with some interesting information about some of the residents!

GS0GRC/P and GS7GRC/P QSL Card rear

St Tudwal's Island expedition QSL Card

QSL card and photographs from GW4OFQ and GW4VEQ's expedition to St Tudwal's Island St Tudwal's Island expedition

St Tudwal's Island expedition

GM4WBR/P expedition to St Kilda QSL Card front

GM4WBR operated from St Kilda in June 1986

G4YSS and G4SSH's 1987 OV00 QSL Card front

G4YSS and G4SSH made a trip to OV00 in 1987

G4YSS and G4SSH's 1987 OV00 QSL Card rear

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