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Postby DamianM0BKV » Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:02 pm

A number of people have said "the worst conditions ever" but if propagation is poor how can we tell if its getting better? For me the 2 items of data from the solar weather monitoring agents that probably can tell the most are first the A & K indexs which tell about atmospheric absorption of our signals. These are very high levels after the resent solar activity and not likely to get to acceptable levels for at least another day. The other item that tells how well the signals can propagate is the Solar Flux Index and as this is only 86 due to the general low level of sun activity (only 32 sunspots at present) which isn't much higher than the flux at the bottom of the last solar minimum (when we had months of no sunspots) so not too good. Solar flux Index needs to go above 100 I think before any real improvement I would have thought so the next couple of days are not going to be much better.
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