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recent conditions

Postby anemalwozere » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:51 am


40m was a well mixed bag over past weekend and good boost to the GfG 40m section of the awards. But have noted we all must take care due to fact its changing so fast across the day and I have noted after 11am BST. My signals tend to get lost and peoples i was talking too can no longer hear me and yet am hearing them NO problems and may leave some of us to get frustrated. We can get back to those still being well heard but no longer reach. This be down to fast changing conditions as one mo your talking say to SQA and next thing you know he not answering simply because conditions have change fast and he has lost you. Plus only being a small station with small power has greater effect on myself and learnt to now know it happens and as some say another day will come and collect what ever then..

So remember folks if you can hear them they may not be able to hear you as we tend to forget they have noise issues too and the conditions teasing us all is all part of radio and we are at the mercy of unlike the internet on where no signal no internet. Unplug the net for five minutes and watch the world go to pot LOL

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