CW80/4:1 new 80m antenna

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CW80/4:1 new 80m antenna

Postby anemalwozere » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:38 am

Morning all.

As some of you know and experienced me new CW80/4:1 antenna i have recently made along with the 4:1 Balun and have been asked a few times, am i on it. Well the case is i have built it very surprised with results on air for it knocks off the spots of me 40m f/w loop on 80m on TX side of things and hears about same of the loop. So testing brought better results than i thought. :D

Now when money allows I need to adapt me support poles i run the loop off in end of garden. For there about 22ft long steel scaffold poles. What I intend to do is extend them another four feet higher to bring the CW80 a little higher away from the loop and also make it so one can drop it at moments notice quickly and safely via support lines. For here i do live on top of a hill and the winds can get a little busy up here at time and antennas/beams need to be dropped quickly as well deployed. As the Balun sits on top of me telescopic pole in middle of garden with various beams on it and wind gets a some what naughty have to drop antenna. But loop remains as its well battled wind proofed over past two years but again can be dropped to ground level within minutes. So when money allows the CW80 will be up more often than of now and improve me performance on 80m with out increasing power this side. This enhances what i believe in taking that 10w and making it work for harder me and the CW80 certainly does that on 80m.

But this leads me to another idea of running an CW80/4:1 but light weight as already have the Balun and the telescopic 20ft support pole for the car and drive on stand. Just need to get some more Sota thin wire and make up the lengths and support ends. And when allowed like to get out a little more portable with a good antenna that's going to crack out on 80m. As before long 40m won't be so good and do like to dabble in making of antenna for home and portable uses :ugeek:

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