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Trig Award

Postby G0FEX » Fri May 22, 2015 6:10 pm

Hi Everyone
Just my thoughts on the above award, it would appear that this award is almost an obsession with some members of worked all Britain, why I have no idea, it is an on going award, & therefore should be treated as such, similar to the squares award.
But sadly some feel the need to grab everything they can, this is not what Worked All Britain is about.
Worked All Britain should be enjoyed and not turned into a competition, this is not what it is all about, personally I would have thought that the Coast & Tidal award would have taken preference, but I suppose it is similar to an award from a few years ago, & some of the old school are not interested in this, lighten up guys and enjoy your radio.
I am very fortunate that I can spend a lot of time on the radio, this is my choice, but I still get my other jobs done around the house, at the end of the day wherever you are on the net you still get the chance to work whatever, end of story.
73's Ken G0FEX
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