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ROC Bunkers Google earth file

Postby G4GHT » Tue May 05, 2015 9:32 pm

As there seems to be some interest in working and Activating ROC Bunkers I have converted the list I uploaded to the files section
of the reflector yesterday into a Google Earth kml file which can be downloaded from here:-

The list is not complete as it only covers the bunkers in England and there were a few location errors which I have corrected in the GE file.

The file displays the bunker name and ref. number clicking on the pin will bring up some additional information and can be sorted into 100Km
squares by using the menu tree to turn the squares on or off..

The file can be used in conjunction with the WAB Squares and Trig Point GE files to help with location and to find bunkers which are close to
trigs like the one Stu M0TNG activated yesterday.

Please let me know of any errors or if you have any info for bunkers in the rest of the UK.


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