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Thought :o drop in here
and say elloooooo

One has recently joined the WAB squad after chatting to a few gents and sussing out how to find peoples WAB squares etc and others that seemed to have no hams in currently

Base operating from SX45 here in SE cornwall next to the Tamar river

Simple set up with Trio TS120V 10W only G5RV and astatic red devil mike

But in 2015 plan to active squares around the area as have been encouraging the SOTA UK stations if possible to know there WAB squares when there operating on one such as one will be SX37 G/DC-003 Kitt Hill. But wot plan to do is do the sotas stations chasing me and when it quietens down pop down to the WAB freq on 40m and put out on air SX37 this could happen couple times over 2015 plus looking at doing other summits in air too with related WAB,s of course.
Also looking doing a square up on windy ridge cornwall too know the land lady use her car park at back for the portable operation from SX36

Portable operations from the same said rig and mike but with inverted V G5-Half H/Brew :ugeek:
Also from home next year be building a 2el 40m beam which will make the WAB square hunting of greater interest too.

PS Just awaiting me Book and C/D now and the book number too

Catch you gents and ladies on air one day shortly

M3FEH Karl 8-)
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