Suppressing Engine Noise

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Suppressing Engine Noise

Postby m1tes » Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:27 pm

My mobile shack consists of a vauxhall astra 1.6 petrol engine. My main radio in which I use for HF is the ic-706mk2g. The aerial which I use when on the move is a hustler on a short mast on a tri mag.

In order to receive stations I must have the noise blanker turned on, which cuts out all the whine from the accelerator, received stations are slightly weaker signals.

When car engine is off its "perfect"

You may have heard me signing as portable using a 66` doublet at 21`this is because it works so well for me with both rx and tx signals.

Can anybody suggest the best way in suppressing this intereference please and may be I could activate more TM SQUARES ON THE MOVE

Best Wishes

James M1TES
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Re: Suppressing Engine Noise

Postby M5AFX » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:16 pm

Here are some ideas in a link,here he looks into most aspects of mobile noise

Hope that helps,good grounding can be a help and heavy duty power cables and good shielding on the coax (in other words replace the standard poor coax that usually comes on mobile mounts,with better quality.

Something i do is i run my radio from a separate battery in the trunk of the car,,
so that way it keeps all my power leads out of the engine bay and the usual sources of aggravation

in short i think a mixture of improvements will help but nothing is guaranteed in mobile radio as so many factors differ from radio and cars
from user to user..

73 and good luck
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