Marathon Road Trip!!!

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Marathon Road Trip!!!

Postby MI1AIB » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:55 pm

Warning of Severely Poor HF Conditions.
Commencing this Tuesday Evening, and continuing throughout the week especially during the periods we are mobile!!!!!!

Tuesday 28th evening, from approximately 20.00, C, D and J squares from home QTH, C62, to Larne Ferry Terminal, D40.

Wednesday 29th, sorry but off the ferry commencing approximately 02.30, from Cairnryan Ferry, NX02, run down to SP08 Birmingham, via NX, NY, SD, SJ, SO and SP squares. For those who may follow us on a map, the planned route takes in a detour from Penrith through the lake district national park, (GFF-0008), via Haweswater, (where we'll be having a break for an hour or two to give the dogs a good walk), Windermere and Kendal before rejoining the M6 to continue to Birmingham. Our target ETA at Birmingham is lunchtime ISH, and we'll remain in the Hagley road area for the afternoon / overnight.

Thursday 30th Morning, ETD yet to be decided, departing SP08, continuing south via Southampton to Fareham SU50, via SO, SP and SU squares.

Thursday 30th Afternoon and Friday 1st, squares generally in the Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham area, nothing solidly planned but yet but hope to cover at least one GFF and maybe a CASHOTA or two as well.

Saturday 2nd, Morning ETD again yet to be decided, but North from SU50, through SU to TQ squares, break at ML&S (Hog Roast for Brekkie ;) ), in TQ07, then on through SQ to Newbury area overnight in SU56.

Sunday 3rd, this is the big one, leaving around 08.00 from SU56, heading North through SU, SP, SK (Lunch in Loughborough ;) ), SE, NZ, NY and NX, with a target ETA back at the Ferry in NX02 of around 21.00.

The sharp folks will realise that Sunday will present the opportunity to work the NY and NX squares, (from NY52 northwards) that were missed on the Wednesday run south. I also haven't mentioned the run home from Larne as that will be from around 01.30 on the Monday, so we'll just get ourselves home ;)

This obviously isn't a run just for WAB, but a trip we have to make during which we'll attempt to activate as best we can, but I have log sheets prepared which list in excess of 300 squares !!!

Lets all pray to the propagation gods, hope to hear you from some of the squares at least.

73. Paul Mi1AIB and Sharon 2i0SHZ
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Re: Marathon Road Trip!!!

Postby MI1AIB » Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:11 pm

Quick Update - 

Will not have Top Band mobile, but will be equipped for top band portable if the opportunity and time allows.

Tomorrow evening we may be departing earlier than planned, probably around 18.00, and via different routing, to call in to a certain outdoors store before we head for the ferry, will post on the reporter and messenger group just before we leave.

73. Paul. Mi1AIB
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