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GM4YSS/M Activity - 7.160

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:17 pm
by G4YSS
Hi to all,
Hols nr. Loch Lomond (Tarbet) in NN30 until 18-09-17. Propagation on 40m and noise condx. are very poor but worked M0HEM in TQ48 earlier today (58/ 58). Heard 'CQ de G0SQA' Dave (Peterbro') very weakly on 7.160. Skip long (if any).

Without any significant expectation - short /mobile run in rain this afternoon starting about 14:00z on 7.160 LSB (standard 100W to whip). This is very short notice in rotten band condx but if any takers, will QSY to neighbouring squares to west. (Otherwise back to hotel to read a book!) Using GM4YSS/P.

Possible further afternoon sessions or SOTA if WX and stubborn throat infection improve.
73, John.
Gave up. Barely audible UK special event stations and long skip replies only. If you tried - thanks.