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robin hood award

Postby jonm0hem » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:44 pm

The Robin Hood Award is a fun award for Radio Amateurs who make contact with other stations operating fixed or portable radio stations at locations associated with the legendary Robin Hood. It is also available to the activators who operate these radio stations. Places named after Robin Hood, WIll Scarlett, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and Little John, are scattered around north Nottinghamshire, south Yorkshire and east Derbyshire and places farther away - even in other countries - that claim a connection to this mythical English Folk Hero.

Anyone can participate in the Robin Hood 'Fun' Award: it is available to stations who operate at a location associated with Robin Hood, and anyone who makes contact with them (including Short Wave Listeners). Note: there are other rules/requirements for ACTIVATORS on their website.
While rules may change in the future, the award may be earned by contacting just ONE station who has activated one of the many locations associated with the legendary Robin Hood.

At any point, even if just one contact, you may go to the website, submit your contact data and download a do-it-yourself Certificate.

The Robin Hood Award is totally self-regulated. That means that 'Activators' and 'Chasers' only need to follow some simple guidelines, and may download a d-i-y Award Certificate at any point. There are no points or scores to count and logs do not need to be submitted for validation. For more information go to the Award Downloads page.

If the Robin Hood Award proves to be popular, conventional 'Achievement Awards' will be introduced, whereby Activators and Chasers gain points towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

What & Where Qualifies for the Award?
It is only necessary to meet one of the following criteria for an 'activation' to qualify:

1. 'Robin Hood Country'
A radio station in any part of: Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire south of the River Rother, and
Derbyshire east of the River Derwent
2. 'Robin Hood Place-names'

A radio station in close proximity (usually less than 0.5km) to any locations associated with Robin Hood and His Merrie Band, King John and Richard Lionheart, and which have a well known and commonly used place-name such as Robin Hood's Cave, or Friar Tuck's Well (see the Robin Hood Locations page). Places outside Robin Hood Country may also have a Robin Hood place-name: these may be in any county or country, not just Nottinghamshire or even England, so these too are valid locations for an award activation.

Suggestions for Activators and Chasers
Keep a simple log of Robin Hood Award activities, including dates, times, locations and bands (these do not need to include details of individual stations contacted). This isn't needed for validating the award, but may be used for publicity purposes and will need to be added to the appropriate Award Certificate. It is suggested that the website be checked for planned activations. Another way to see if there is any Robin Hood activity might be to visit the website of your favorite internet spotting network. This will provide very current information on activations which might be going on in real time.

Internet: (Home Page)
Internet: (Locations list) ... od-country
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Re: robin hood award

Postby G0UUU » Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:13 pm

I'll give it a go next time I'm in Robin Hood's Bay. Less than half an hour by car away from my QTH and we are often up that way.
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Re: robin hood award

Postby G3OKA » Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:43 pm

I have a Robin Hood Award from c1970, you needed to work "Robin Hoods" (hams who were born in Newark) plus a number of people who had qualified for the award and were called "Merrymen". John G3OKA
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