Activity 22nd July - Hopefully!

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Activity 22nd July - Hopefully!

Postby g4iar » Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:27 am

On Wednesday 22nd July we hope to be on the road en route to Dorset as G4LAB/M. The return is on Monday 27th via a different route. It is hoped to activate TP3241 Fosse Way on the route down. On 24th July we will be on the Isle of Wight and hope to have a run around the island before meeting Paul, G0GMY and XYL, Di. Activity on other dates will be on a ad hoc basis, as we are meeting friends and family.

We hope to have 2m and 60m capabilities with us. We will use the nominal WAB 2m frequency of 144.345 MHz and on 60m, 5.320MHz, (minus QRM as we can’t go plus within that bandlet!). Any 60m activity will be when static. The portable antenna is only an adapted 80m Ampro whip, but has worked in the past.

All subject to band conditions, or course. Should, by any fluke, 40m be in good shape and there be a busy net, please give other mobiles/portables priority on our run down and back. These are well trodden squares and we will not be able to stop much as we need to get to our destinations.

Start time guesstimated to be about 1000 BST on Wednesday, very approximately.

73, Judith & Dave, G4IAQ & G4IAR (Collectively G4LAB)
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