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Postby g4iar » Mon May 13, 2013 7:35 am

Not wishing to detract from the forum, but may I remind people of the Yahoo! WAB activity reflector, details of which are actually at the bottom of this page, but here they are again:

Check the e-mail reflector for live W.A.B./W.A.I. Activity
To join go to:- or send a blank e-mail to:-

Any message posted there will be instantly reflected to the in-boxes of over 250 members. There were very useful spots on there of countless GB stations over the weekend.

Please continue to post here also, and I would make the remark that I would prefer general discussion to take place on this forum. The original reflector was set up by the late Norman, G1NTW with the aim of publicising on air activity and I would prefer that the present one be kept clear for that purpose.


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