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Messy Net This Afternoon

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:04 pm
by G0FEX
Hi All
It must be said that this afternoon on the net, very very messy, there was two mobiles calling in and a static station namely MW3ZVB Graham who did not really know what square he was in, he gave out SH27 SH37 & SH38, but no one questioned this ?, even though there were 2 Committee members plus myself on frequency, we eventually established that he was in SH38, but so much messing about, that some missed the squares activated by mobiles, come on guys get your act together, we all know how the net runs it is not rocket science, also there were a few people that have done net control in the past but they did not pick it up, irrespective if they have noise or not the motto is (TO ASSIST OTHERS), I am not putting the blame on anyone, but let's help each other.