8th & 9th of November activity by G7BGA/M

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8th & 9th of November activity by G7BGA/M

Postby G0FEX » Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:17 am

Hi everyone
On the above dates Geoff G7BGA will be mobile from SJ32 ending in SS09, lot's of SJ-SO-SS & a couple of SR Squares a total of 34 squares will be available on the 8th/11/2013 . Then on the 9th, Geoff will be returning home via a different route, activating SR-SM-SN-SH & SJ squares a total of 41 squares will be available.

Run to commence on the 8th of November around 10.15am.

73's Ken G0FEX :P
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