TQ Squares and a few TV and TRs, Wednesday 16

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TQ Squares and a few TV and TRs, Wednesday 16

Postby G4TSQ » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:03 pm

Due to popular demand we are splitting our TQ run into two separate runs. The lower half will be this Wednesday 16 Oct and the top half of TQ in a week or two's time. A few TVs and TRs also for good measure.

So the squares for this Wednesday should be (subject to landslides, floods and band conditions are:
TQ00, TQ10, TQ20, TQ30, TQ40, TQ41, TV49, TQ50, TV59, TV69, TQ60, TQ61, TQ71, TQ70, TQ80, TQ81, TQ82, TQ91, TQ92, TR02, TR03, TQ93, TR04, TQ94, TQ93, TQ83, TQ72, TQ73, TQ62, TQ52, TQ51, TQ42, TQ32, TQ31, TQ22, TQ21, TQ12, TQ02, TQ01

The order of activation may vary a little bit but is more or less correct.

We hope to leave home at 10.00am after the sandwiches have been made.

Thanks for the folks who have sent in their square request lists. If all works well you should be able to follow us on APRS. We are using an Android phone for the purpose which has passed muster so far.

Hope the band holds up.

Christine and Mike
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