CASHOTA Activity 27/08/13

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CASHOTA Activity 27/08/13

Postby 2E0EDX » Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:59 am

Newby here. Hoping tomorrow to activate both Dacre & Brougham Castles in Cumbria, close to Penrith for the CASHOTA Annual Heritage month.

The WAB squares are: Dacre NY42 & Brougham NY52 for those interested. I will hopefully be QRV at Dacre at approximately 1000 hrs +/- 1/2 hour and 1300 hrs +/- 1/2 hour at Brougham. I will be using 20/40M SSB.

Not sure what time your net is running or which frequency on 40M is appropriate, perhaps a member could let me know and I will try to accommodate for those wanting the two squares.

Look forward to working members of the forum.

Ian 2E0EDX
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