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Postby G0FEX » Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:54 pm

Hi Guys
Listening on 7.160 today, there was a member calling on 7.160 for GI stations, I could net hear the said station, but there were many WAB members calling in to hopefully work the station in Northern Ireland, but this fell on deaf ears, whether the station on 7.160 could or could not hear the others, I would think yes on the long distance stations calling in, but they were ignored.
I called the station in GI land and asked if he could possibly move up to 7.163, this he was more than happy to do, so everyone that was on 7.160 managed to work him in J05.
The moral behind it all is anyone that is on 7.160 please ask if anyone listening would like to work a station that has called in, it is only good manners & is what Worked All Britain is about (TO ASSIST OTHERS), do not be selfish and keep them all to yourself , a little thought goes a long way.
Regards Ken G0FEX 8-)
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