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WAB Squares and WABEMA Awards

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:52 am
by g4iar
We are close to running out of endorsement stickers for the lower stages of the Squares Award. For several reasons, we have decided therefore to issue a new printed certificate with the relevant endorsement(s) on it for each stage of the award. The higher stages will still only be charged at the cost of an endorsement. This is currently a mere 50p!

The reasons are as follows:

1 – We have had the current endorsements for more years than we care to remember. Any new ones would probably therefore be a mismatch to the existing ones.

2 – The minimum print runs are high compared to the amount we would use. This would result in a lot of “dead money” for WAB.

3 – Printing a new certificate for each stage will enable us to include the endorsements number relevant to that stage.

This will take place will immediate effect, therefore, if you upgrade your squares award, you can expect a shiny new certificate at no extra cost. This will also apply to the WABEMA Award.

73, Dave, G4IAR