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Awards Update

Postby g4iar » Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:51 pm

Apologies, didn't get around to this this morning due to being a bit under the weather with a heavy cold. Here's this week's updates, so thanks to Tom for giving me something to do this week and well done.

73, Dave, G4IAR

Number Callsign band mode class Award
18 GM0FGI 40m SSB Gold Decade 2015
411 GM0FGI 40m SSB 10 vhf 25 hf Islands
263 GM0FGI 40m SSB 25 vhf 40 hf Islands
219 GM0FGI 40m SSB 40 vhf 50 hf Islands
186 GM0FGI 40m SSB 50 vhf 60 hf Islands
164 GM0FGI 40m SSB 60 vhf 70 hf Islands
138 GM0FGI 40m SSB 70 vhf 80 hf Islands
14 GM0FGI 40m SSB 240 Trig Points Trig Points HF Worked
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