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Happy New Year

Postby g4iar » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:13 am

Just in case I’m late on parade tomorrow after too much port and Stilton, may I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Don’t forget the calendar will reset on some of our awards, for example the VHF Challenge, Annual Activity, Decade and Special Event Stations awards, so now’s the time to sharpen your crayons and start collecting again after weeks of “not required”! We also have the Cornish Award starting up for 2016 only. The Coastal & Tidal Award is continuing for a further year.

Don’t forget to get your claims in for the Annual Activity Award. There are trophies in the offing for the leading three stations in quite a few categories, but you have to submit this by the end of February, or you may miss out.

Are you making any resolutions, what about considering some of these? I had actually drafted this out yesterday prior to yesterday’s discussion!

Take an odd breath between sentences and let go of the mic key. This will allow mobiles and portables to sneak in.

Ask for fixed station check ins during quiet periods, as well as at the end of run downs. Some of our newer members may be reluctant to break into unless invited, in particular during some of the long conversations that can develop.

Even if you don’t have a full net list, make sure you know who is before you and immediately after you.

If a station who has gone out primarily for SOTA calls into the net, please work them whether or not they are required. Whilst they have probably already qualified from a SOTA point of view, they have made a lot of effort and would like to see that reflected in the log.

Get your claims in! There are some regulars on the net who have yet to appear in the awards database. You know who you are!

Enjoy WABing, it’s one small part of a larger hobby. As we always say, “If you think you can do better……………”!

73, & Happy New Year again.
Dave, G4IAR
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