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Awards for 2015

Postby g4iar » Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:49 pm

Please keep an eye out on the WAB website in the coming weeks for the full details, but just to whet your appetite we will be running the following awards.

For 2015 only:

A revamped "Coastal and Tidal" award. This was very popular and successful four years ago. The requirements have been tweaked to introduce an Islands element into the higher stages as far as HF is concerned.

WAB VHF Challenge. As the name implies - an award for VHF only. This is to try and create a bit more activity on the VHF bands. It is points based on working the main elements of WAB. The "Challenge" is to yourself, not to try and beat others!

Permanent Award:

WAB Trig Point Award. This is one that Brian G0BFJ suggested at the AGM and as per its name is for working stations at trig points. We will only be using the pillar type trig points and stations activating will have to be within a certain distance from the point. Details in due course.


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