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Awards Update

Postby g4iar » Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:30 pm

Bit of an easy week this week, but a couple of noteables. Mark G1PIE with his Second Sapphire Award Trophy and Steve G6TEL with the first RTTY award worked. Congrats to all.

Callsign Notes band mode class Award
G1PIE 40m SSB Second Sapphire Trophy Sapphire Anniversary
G1PIE 40m SSB 200 hf 80 vhf NATS
G6TEL Mixed RTTY 100 Book-holders Book Numbers
G3XKT Mixed SSB 600 Members Members Award
G4STP 40m SSB China Sapphire Anniversary
G4STP 40m SSB Tin Sapphire Anniversary
John Wainwright G-16147 Heard Mobiles Only 40m SSB Bronze Decade 2014
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