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WAB Mobile Log Books

Postby g4iar » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:30 pm

We now have available mobile log books specifically designed for WAB purposes.

The column entries are Date, Time, Band, Callsign, Reports, WAB Square Activated & WAB Square received.

The book contains 40 sheets, 80 sides with 15 lines per page = 1,200 entries. The book is in flip over format, wire bound.

The price at rallies will be £1.50. With postage & packing this will be £3.00 for one or £4.50 for two, ordered from G4IAR direct.

Until Kevin can set up the website for ordering via PayPal, they can be obtained direct from G4IAR with a cheque or alternatively through the website you can "donate" £3.50 for one or £5 for two via PayPal, please state what the donation is for. We regret the PayPal and Royal Mail surcharges, but use of them does not come free!
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