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W.A.B. Squares Diamond Award   Page Last Updated: 30 Mar 2018

W.A.B. Squares Award Diamond Trophy

For this Award, a specially engraved trophy is presented.

The Award is based on a system requiring 30 points.

All contacts for this Award must have been made on or after 1st January 2009.

The table below shows the elements of W.A.B. that must be worked/heard to achieve this Award.

DiamondUK HFUK VHF/Europe HF/ Data ModesOutside EU/EU VHF
Grid Squares120001000500
Book Holders220010050
W.A.B. DXCC Countries315105
Large Squares554030

1 The WAB/HAB Squares Award and all its endorsements to Sapphire level must have been attained and claimed. This may be done at the same time as claiming the Diamond level.
2 Book Holders not Book Numbers.
3 DXCC Countries in which you work a W.A.B. Book Holder.

Attaining these requirements gives 20 points.


Net Control1 point for each 10 hours as a net controller. 1 for each 20 as back up.
Additional Islands1 point for each 5 UK HF.
1 point for each 2 UK VHF/EU HF.
1 point for each 2 Outside EU/EU VHF.
Additional Book Holders1 point for each 50 HF.
1 point for each 25 UK VHF/EU HF.
1 point for each 10 Outside EU/EU VHF.
Activation of Grid Squares1 point for each 100 activated.
CW Activity1 point for each 100 squares worked/heard on CW.
Certificates1 point for each WAB Contest Certificate awarded after 1st January 2009.
1 point for each Certificate of Merit awarded after 1st January 2009.
1 point for each Decade Certificate awarded after 1st January 2009.
Other Modes1 point for each 25 Squares worked/heard on ATV, SSTV or Data Modes.
Navigational Aids1 point for each 25 worked/heard UK HF.
1 point for each 10 worked/heard UK VHF/EU HF.
1 point for each 10 worked/heard Outside EU/EU VHF.

(Please note: Trophy designs may be subject to change)

W.A.B. Squares Award

W.A.B. Squares Honour Roll

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