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Book Numbers Award   Page Last Updated: 15 Jun 2020

W.A.B. Book Holders Award certificate

A Book Number can only be claimed on, or after, its date of issue. To assist you in making Book-holders/Numbers award claims, a guide to when books were issued can be found by following the link at the end of this page.

A series of awards is available for working Book Numbers. Each contact for these awards must have been on, or after, 1st January 1970 and on, or after, the date the Book Number being claimed was issued. The basic award is issued for 100 Book Numbers. This can be endorsed either for mixed series books or for a single series of books. The following table shows the Book Numbers valid for each series. Endorsements are issued for each additional 100 Book Numbers and additional certificates for each 1000 Book Numbers.

To claim a Book Number you must work or hear the person to whom the book is issued. In the case of a Club station, the book(s) of both the Club and the Operator may be claimed. A Short Wave Listener's Book Numbers may be claimed if confirmation is received from the SWL.

Series From To
First 1 1676
Second 2000 3434
Third 4000 9999
Fourth 10000 14999
Fifth 15000 17999
Sixth 18000 23999
Seventh 24000 onwards

The W.A.B. Membership Secretary has produced a Book Number Tracker spreadsheet for the Book Numbers Award. You can download it (in ZIP format) here. If you have any queries about it, please contact the Membership Secretary directly (See the Committee page).

Requirements & Cover Sheet (ZIP)
1st Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)
2nd Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)
3rd Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)
4th Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)
5th Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)
6th Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)
7th Series Book List/Claim Sheet (ZIP)

Date Of Issue Of Book Numbers
Book Holders Index (Full List by Series)
Book Holders (Number Order - ZIP)
Book Holders (Callsign Order - ZIP)
Book Number Tracker spreadsheet (ZIP)

1st Series Awards Issued
2nd Series Awards Issued
3rd Series Awards Issued
4th Series Awards Issued
5th Series Awards Issued
6th Series Awards Issued
7th Series Awards Issued
Mixed Series Awards Issued

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